Journeys tailored to your fantasies! Step above the crowds aboard the FLYCYCLE and fly in glamour to dizzy heights, or take the plunge on the SUBMERCYCLE and dive to the depths of your imagination. Bicycle based street theatre.

  • Bee Cart

    Bee Guides Bombus and Borage have left the Hive with the Bee Cart - their mobile world of interaction and surreal but true information exploring all things Bees and Pollination.

  • Action Painting

    Not available in 2017

  • Planetary

    Not available in 2017

  • Something To Hold

    Not available in 2017

  • Snow White

    Our Xmas show for 2016


    Bee guides Bombus and Borage invite you on an unforgettable trip into their giant Bee hive ...Witness the birth of the Queen Bee, see giant pollen and fly deep into the heart of a flower to suck up the nectar!


    A 6m high ghost like puppet, embodying beauty and chaos with a stunning aerial performance in her chest. Fully mobile and technically independent, perfect for parades and night time events.

  • The Big Winter Robin

    A giant, wintery, carnivally, wing flapping, beak pecking, bling crowned Robin.

  • Trunk Manchester Mela

    Our extraordinary Elephant Puppet and a show for Manchester Mela 2010.

  • TRUNK Walkabout

    Join Trunk, the beautiful young elephant as he goes exploring looking for mischief, watch out though as he loves squirting water and jumps on cars and picnic tables!

  • The Jumblies

    The Jumblies have escaped Edward Lear's pages, travelling in their sieve they encounter extreme weather, treasures and surprising creatures!

  • TRUNK Touring Show

    A tall tale of show-off lions, dare devil chickens, death, circus and why it isn’t wise to pick a water-fight with an elephant.

  • The Deep Sea Aliens

    The Deep Sea Alien Visitors, a pair of marvelous, beautiful, nosey visitors!

  • Hanuman

    JAI HANUMAN! a jumping animated 4m high giant Hindu Monkey God. Commissioned by the Indian Association of Greater Manchester for their Desheera Diwali Mela 2008.

  • Under The Floorboards

    Hold on to the Time-O-Scope as Professor Sedgwick and Hooper the Mechanic take us on an accidental voyage into the time and space beneath our feet.

  • Dirt and Dreams

    Dirt and Dreams was an enchanting and expansive site specific performance commissioned by the City of Salford and the Heritage Lottery Fund in September 2008 in Clifton Country Park, Salford.

  • Kersal Dale Gateway Sculpture

    Two 4m high steel sculptures commissioned by the Friends of Kersal Dale with Salford City Council, a beautiful hidden gem in Salford.

  • Pif-Pafs Extinct Animal Troupe

    The Extinct Animal Troupe, explored the less obvious aspects of extinction and how species are disappearing 1,000 times faster than evolution can replace them.

  • Manchester Day Parade 2011 with Nexus

    Helping Nexus Arts Cafe to make a mobile Night Cafe complete with a mug tree with flying Owl, tea table and naughty mice.

  • July ’06, Highlands Summer

    We went to Inverneshire to make a giant Osprey and nest for Boat of Garten’s inaugural Steam Rally and then Thorfinn The Mighty for Dingwall’s Viking Festival.

  • Giant Puppet Project, Siem Riep

    Eleanor and Peter went to Cambodia to run masterclasses for Khmer artist's and workshops with local children making giant puppets for a big parade in Siem Reap.

  • Pif-Pafs Edwardian Games

    We engage all generations in their desire to win a Clementine through Bat the Solenodon, Pin The Tail On The Quagga, classical excercise routines and the old bendy wire game…

  • Fete de Noue, St Helier

    Two week residency in Jersey to create a celebration parade and finale to open the annual festival of light, with schools and community.

  • Scarabeus Chromo-vorous

    A giant BUG, we don’t know where it came from but feed it colour and song and it grows and sings!

  • Ordsall Community Arts Consultation Trolley

    Working with OCA team Pete made a trolley with which toured the streets finding out what people thought of sensitive redevelopment ideas.

  • Witches Walk

    Four Hallowe’en Walkabout Acts for a crowd of 5,000 in Blackleach Country Park. Working with performers, musicians and Students from Salford College.

  • Lighting the Legend 2010 ‘I think I’ll stay’

    Developed from a story by 10 year old Keane Riley. What is it like arriving in a new street? A new town? A new country?

  • Lighting the Legend 2009 ‘Green Bananas’

    Developed from Ordsall's rich history when the community would be working on the docks, unloading exotic cargo!

  • Lighting the Legend 2006 ‘Get Diggy with it’

    A 7metre dinosaur adventuring through the crowd with his handlers in search of what every dinosaur needs….true love?

  • Lighting the Legend 2004 ‘The Heart of Ordsall’

    A giant spinning colour-changing Heart for Ordsall Community Arts’ annual lantern parade and show.

  • Surestart, Hyde, Public Art Project

    Working over seven months the community worked with Pete, Matt Worden and Gowri Savoor to make a large triple Gate, Oak Benches, and a Textile Hanging.

  • Ordsall Bakers Born and Bread

    In 2000 Pete made the structures for a giant bakery, including a 2 storey oven, three carts, cranes and a 6 foot mixer… for this enourmous Parade show.

  • MERCi Furniture

    Peter was maker in Residence for three years at Manchester’s Centre for Sustainable Development fitting out the Resource Space in furniture from Recycled timber.

  • Private Commissions

    A selection of commission's for sculpture and carpentry that Pete did some years ago . . .