Celestial Sound Cloud

Celestial Sound Cloud

Interact with stars in distant galaxies, make the planets sing the music of the spheres as you dance beneath a Celestial Cloud floating in the canopy of Lost Eden’s enchanted woodland. Play with the cloud to make you own music or lie back, be bathed in sound and colour whilst your friends and family dance to make the Celestial Cloud sing for you.

Will a new star be awakened inside you?


The Celestial Sound Cloud explores the relationship between nature and technology, and asks whether human symbiosis with technology can draw us closer to nature by play.
The fibre optics (fibre optics provided by http://www.starscape.co.uk/index.php) and movement sensors have been chosen for making the installation in order to reflect technologies that are employed in our age towards actions/policies of fear and hope and subtly asks the question do we need to grasp for the stars in desperation of creating a new eden or can we keep our feet firmly planted on planet earth and playfully recover communication with our nature.

How it works
When the audience move beneath individual focused sensors hidden in the cloud they will activate a sound which in turn will activate the colour of light groups to change. Audience can trigger up to 5 movement sensors interacting with the cloud and dancing to play it like an instrument.
The sound will be human voice, each sensor/light/audio unit emitting a single tone or melody that can be sustained or played like a rhythm by the audience – depending on how they wish to move, when all 5 notes are activated it will make a chord or a melody. There will be a cycle of chords to stimulate different moods and atmospheres.

Technologist – Kyle Hirani
Composer – Chris Davies
Rigging and fabrication – Pete Gunson

The Celestial Sound Cloud was originally commissioned in 2016 by Kendal Calling. At the debut we saw audience acting as we hoped, filtering in and out of the space creating new groups, moods ebbing and flowing and a creating a sense of beauty, discovery and the creation of a special space.

We wish to develop the structure for daytime use adding reflective and diffractive crystals and mirrors and spend more time with technologist Kyle Hirani developing the sensitivity and spectacle of the light/sound response and find ways to capture light differently.


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