Sunshine on the Fallen Tree



A new sound and light installation, celebrating the Ash tree, asking what we need to do in the face of challenges and starting a new body of work mixing sustainability with more tech.

We are gathering co-commissioners to support making this R&D version more enveloping (i.e. bigger) so please do let us know if this sounds inviting. The future will see us using these techniques to make a distributed but centrally animated installation.


Sunshine on the Fallen Tree was commissioned by Wentworth Woodhouse & Reload in March 2022.



The Build:

Concept : Eleanor Hooper & Pete Gunson

Composition: Eleanor Hooper and Kate Griffin

Sound and light tech: Vasthu Ltd

Materials: Andersons Tree Care

Design and build: Pete Gunson (Lead), build assist Annie Nelson and Roscoe Blevins



This installation was an idea we’ve been brewing for 3 years and taken our interactive sound and light tech collaboration with Vasthu to the next level.
The sound track is a beautiful 12 minute composition by Eleanor and Kate Griffin who have been working together on Eleanor’s DYCP and the sculpture was supported by Pete’s DYCP learning how to use steam bent Ash to make outdoor light work then manage and develop the tech.