***TOAST is on a sabbatical for 2022, we plan to give it all our attention early next year so it’s ready and raring and at its best for touring Spring/Summer ’23 – booking/enquiries welcome now for 2023***




TOAST is Pif-Paf’s ambitious beautiful, growing, communal celebration of food, song, story, dance and fire. It happens on and around our ever moving mobile kitchen cart and 3 cooking, story telling musicians. It is a mixture of songs, stories and recipes learnt from musicians and cooks from around the world and responds to you – the audience – and the stories you are going to tell us.

Expect flying pancakes, singing, maybe some dancing, a bit of eating and drinking, laughing and lots of new friends.



TOAST happens around our highly mobile electric Toast Mobile and is a mixture of set pieces and improvising around the audience we meet. The aim is to have a decent sized audience but work to make an intimate experience.

Performing 5-10 minute numbers (each with a song, a bit of food and drink, a dance and some theatre) roaming between each one, for 2 x 1hr sets per day. It can work by day or at night and in light rain (or sunshine).



TOAST has been supoorted by Without Walls and commissioned by Salisbury International Arts Festival.

Find out more about TOAST and Without Walls here and follow links to all the other brilliant acts involved in the project.

Without Walls Programme Artist

Research and Development of TOAST in 2019 was supported by Arts Council England, WithoutWalls BluePrint and Wild Rumpus. We thoroughly enjoyed testing TOAST at Timber, Just So and Underneath The Stars. Check the dates page for all confimrmed dates for this year.



“It was my first experience of Pif-Paf’s TOAST this weekend at Timber Festival and it was a complete delight spreading a wide eyed smile from ear to ear with a chance to get in touch with the inner child and ‘play’. The programme promised to make us feel special… but this show and these beautiful ‘multitalented inhabitants’ went far beyond that. Every show (yes.. it was so good I went back for more…) was unique because it was shaped around stories and personalities of the gathered crowd. I was moved to tears, cried with laughter and felt ’seen’ and important in a world outside of Pif-Paf where we are often too busy to connect with one another. It brought together a disparate group of people who started as strangers and left as friends. A celebration of life and people – Pif-Paf is a unique experience and a complete joy to behold”

Helen Tomblin – audience at Timber (and previously manager of Leicester Comedy Festival)


For all future bookings please contact us for more information – TOAST has been performing from Spring 2021 so keep an eye on our dates  page.